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Because Shanaé genuinely cares about her clients she doesn't use the "one size fits all" approach. . Therefore, every potential client is asked to complete he following questionnaire to ensure a good match for the coach and client.

My Commitment

as your Coach

  • Respect and honor your values.
  • Remain engaged during coaching sessions.
  • Challenge you to do the work and ascend beyond fear, limitations and obstacles.
  • Empower You to develop your Personal Success Strategy.
What is your current gross annual income? (This information is for analytical purposes only and will not be used to determine if you will be selected as a coaching client with Triple 'B' Effect)
DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not therapy or counseling. Although the coaching sessions may seem therapeutic in nature the sessions are for the sole purpose of empowering clients to develop a personalized strategy for success. It is not intended in any way to replace therapy or counseling. If you are in need of therapy or counseling please call: SAMHSA National Helpline - 1800-662-HELP (4357)