Daily Declarations & Prayer Journal – Print Copy- Soft Cover


Do you know someone who needs this ebook in their life? You’ve grown weary of hearing them degrade themselves through their own words. You’ve heard it all, the negativity, the self-doubt, low self-worth, the self-destructive tongue, the disbelief due to their hopeless communication. It affects their ENTIRE LIFE. Or perhaps it’s you?

Well, it stops today.

A declaration is a formal announcement. But unlike other statements a declaration is bold, it’s outrageous and written with assurance or spoken with a matter-of-fact kind of confidence. That’s what this book is intended to do, provide you with statements to speak courageously over and in your life. These are statements that may not be true in the natural realm, yet, but you believe it to be so. The declarations in this book cover four major areas of life: Faith, Finances, Family, and Fitness.


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